Why Choose SZZT For Self-service Terminal Solutions

- Sep 07, 2017-

SZZT Electronics is the globally sole one-stop solutions provider for self-service terminals from appearance design, structural design, component customization, cabinet production, machine assembly, software customization to operation and maintenance platform.

Flexible customization services, to provide you everything from hardware to software customization.

1. Appearance customization

With more than 20 years of experience in professional kiosk design, SZZT Electronic joins hands with a number of design companies at home and abroad to work closely together.

Professional term for kiosk design.jpg

2. Parts customization

According to the special requirements of different customers, the parts can be tailored.

Customized component design.jpg

3. Software customization 

Software customization refers to design software based on customer requirements, the development process follows the software engineering specifications, to provide new system design ideas, and feasibility analysis. Before program coding, conduct systematic outline design and detailed design, and implement software test after program coding. Upon delivery, the user staff can enjoy operation training, and provide normal operation of the software normal maintenance and expansion functions.

Software customization and development process.jpg

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