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What Is The Move Pos Terminal

May 19, 2017

Mobile pos terminal refers to the following characteristics of the portable data processing terminal: 1, with data storage and computing power; 2, can be secondary development; 3, with other equipment for data communication; 4, man-machine interface, specific If there is a display and input function; 5, wireless network connection. According to the above definition, mobile pos terminal common PDA, mobile phone, smart phone, bar code data collector, handheld data terminal, Pda data collector and so on.

At present, the domestic POS Terminal system has two kinds of argument:

One is the commercial application of the POS system (Point of Sales), a point of time when the real system, it is by the electronic cash registers and computer online shop front network system. The system of the store retail counter all the transaction information processing, time to track sales, analysis of data, feedback, and strengthen the marketing management of goods.

The other is the bank application of POS machines or POS Terminal systems (Electronic Fund Transfer

Point of Sales System, known as the point-of-sale electronic transfer service operating system, which is set by the bank at the commercial network

POS Terminal Point or special business credit card authorized terminal and bank computer system through the public data exchange network of electronic switch

Account service system. Its function is to provide cardholders at the point of sale of shopping or consumption, through the electronic transfer system direct debit or letter

With the service of billing.