What Is Encrypted PIN Pad

- Jan 02, 2018-

What is Encrypted PIN Pad


Encrypted PIN Pad (EPP) is one of the essential peripheral device of the financial business aceptance system. It is widely used in the service industries such as communication, government, transportation, industry and commerce, taxation and supermarkets, and is used in the banking system, POS terminal and management system. The main function is password input. With the increase of bank card users and credit card consumption becomes increasingly popular, more and more encrypted PIN Pad get people's attention. EPPs are classified in accordance with: LCD, voice, encryption, touch, etc. Various industries have different requirements on EPP, and touchscreen EPP is the most advanced, the entire keyboard panel is replaced by the touch screen, which greatly improves the practicality, secondary openness, security and peep-proof and other special features of EPP.


The biggest advantage of Encrypted PIN Pad

This ensures that online transmission of passwords takes the form of encrypted text. The EPP terminals themselves can implement various algorithms such as DES, PINBLOCK, MAC and so on.


Main functions

Pre-installed DES algorithm, MAC algorithm, PINBLOCK operation, the user-selectable National Encryption Board Encryption chip contains key management procedures, the most simple terminal to achieve key management to prevent the key being stolen in the process of setting. The key is stored internally by encryption means, with no key inquiry path, keys and related important data will be automatically destroyed when the terminal is forced disassembly.

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