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What Are The Features Of The Metal Keyboard

Jul 10, 2017

A metal keyboard is another type of keyboard that works the same as a normal keyboard and has a similar internal structure. The different is the metal keyboard because of its special metal materials, has a solid appearance, can achieve riot, dustproof, waterproof and other ordinary keyboards do not have the function. Therefore, there is a wide range of special requirements for the environment on the input equipment. As a kind of embedded equipment, the metal keyboard is widely used in the field of financial equipment, communication equipment, military equipment and a series of self-service terminals.

The metal keyboard is characterized by rugged metal material and a series of specially crafted technical means to meet the conditions of harsh environment. And the use of its waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion special properties, so widely used in many outdoor self-help equipment.

The metal keyboard is more and more used by people, so why does it get everyone's favorite? This is because it has unique characteristics, below we come together to understand the characteristics of the metal keyboard.

1, the standard PC keyboard layout, 71 function keys, with PC keyboard all functions, top row with FN combination function key;

2, keyboard work comparison fine, silica gel carbon particle contact Switch technology, 2.0MM Long button stroke, feel very comfortable;

3, the right side with a full waterproof laser trackball, no metal bearings inside, operation very smoothly, will not produce any noise;

4, customizable control circuit modules and a variety of language of any key surface to adapt to different countries and a variety of customization requirements;

5, the key surface fine wire drawing, the character uses the laser engraving, the high strength wear-resisting ink coloring, is not easy to wear and fall off, durable;

6, the keyboard interface has PS2, USB these two kinds, using the host system to drive, realize the Plug and Play effect;

7, desktop use or embedded fixed installation type generally can be selected;