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UnionPay Announces That All POS Terminals Must Have A Non-connect Function!

Jul 20, 2017

UnionPay logo Product Enterprise Qualification Certification Office issued the relevant notice that, since July 1, 2015, all new application of UnionPay card accept Terminal Safety certification or UnionPay card accepted Terminal Application network authentication POS terminals need to have the function of non-connect IC card, before this application for the adoption of the UnionPay certification POS Terminal, in the expiration of the certificate will be required to have a non-connected IC card function.

UnionPay this request again to transform POS notice, applicable to point-of-sale POS terminals, MPOs terminals and intelligent point-of-sale terminals. In fact, there is already a certain number of non-connected POS in the market, especially in some large store shops. But the distribution of space is very uneven, large cities have different small and medium-sized cities, large shopping malls and small shops also have differences. Over time, it is possible to predict that the number of POS-supported non-connect will increase gradually until the end of all support. Mobile payment network recently from China UnionPay Assistant President Liu Fengjun office learned that by the end of this year, support Flash SHANFI POS will be 5 million units upgraded by now 7 million.

Previously issued by the People's Bank of China, "the People's Bank of China Office of the financial IC card and Mobile financial application of the notice" (The Silver Office issued <2015> No. No. 222) and China UnionPay issued "POS Terminal modification and process optimization guidelines," and so on, the POS is not connected to the transformation of the specific the non acceptance environment construction is the basic work of the Financial IC card promotion and mobile finance innovation application. It is stipulated that the new POS terminals issued by each receiving institution since 2016 should have the ability of non acceptance. For the stock POS terminals, the capital city, the deputy provincial city and 110 of the Financial IC Card Public service Area application City, should realize the non connect terminal proportion to increase at least 40% or reach 85% before September 30, 2016, completes the process optimization of at least 50% terminals, completes the transformation and the process optimization before May 31, 2017. At the same time, the old terminal that does not have the condition that does not accept the modification or does not conform to the relevant financial industry standard accelerates the elimination.