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The Strategic Value Of Kiosk Perhipers Future Excavation

Jun 06, 2017

The development of information technology is the result of content and channel interaction. Compared with the increasingly rich information and service content, the development of China's information technology in the channel is subject to greater constraints, especially as ordinary users of information terminal equipment is still not a greater degree of popularity and attention. Low price, easy to use information terminal will be in the future for a long period of time to play a general user information awareness and germination and strengthen the role of consciousness.

The Value of Information Terminal

It is generally believed that the information terminal can be divided into personal terminals, home terminals and public terminals. At present, the personal terminal includes Internet-enabled mobile phones, PDAs, personal computers, etc., this terminal will be with the popularity of 3G services increasingly become the people to enjoy the main channels of information and convenience services. And family computers, digital TV as the representative of the home terminal, is still subject to many constraints, it is difficult in the near future to become the main channel of popularization of information services. Public terminals, represented by Kiosk Perhipers, serve the group of users who do not have personal and family terminals, as well as groups with personal or family terminals but inconvenient to use.

The interrelationship between personal terminals, home terminals, and public terminals should be complementary rather than competing with each other.

Because the value of the three in the terminal to provide the difference, with a very strong complementarity.

The main value of information terminal, including: cost, refers to a certain information terminal construction and maintenance of the per capita cost, under the national conditions of information technology development model, must focus on the development of value and the highest proportion of per capita cost of information technology Terminal; use convenience, refers to a certain information terminal on the vast majority of the community in terms of the ease of use. Whether it can provide information services for ordinary citizens or farmers will be one of the biggest challenges faced by information terminals. Compatibility refers to the use of certain information terminals and user's values, related experience and experience, and individual The degree of compliance required; popularity, refers to a certain information terminal can be promoted in a wider range of operability, the domestic information of the advanced experience are currently limited to individual areas, individual regions, can be popular, still need Its adaptability and flexibility to conduct a comprehensive assessment; testability, refers to a certain information terminal for users to try again and again the possibility of availability, refers to a certain information terminal for the vast majority of users to provide the opportunity to use It is very important to provide the user with the content and its corresponding frequency real-time recording and detection of the information terminal to the user who can provide the repeated use of the information terminal. The degree of possibility.

Through the analysis of the value layout of the information terminal, the public terminal represented by the Kiosk Perhipers is disadvantageous at the expense of the current use of the group as it is in the process of expansion and maturity, but in terms of availability, accessibility and assessability Sexual aspects have a very obvious advantage. First of all, Kiosk Perhipers can be based on its high testability, in the process of information technology in China play a more awareness of the popularity of information technology, which is other personal and family information terminal can not match. Second, the Kiosk Perhipers has high availability, can provide information services for a wider range of users, combined with its high ease of use and compatibility, Kiosk Perhipers can be for the city of tourists, farmers and other groups to provide Information service. Finally, the Kiosk Perhipers has a high assessability, so that it can be timely feedback from users on information services, especially through the relevant content of the design and the corresponding data mining, to sort out the city's current more pressing social information needs , Which is the future Kiosk Perhipers need to focus on the strategic value of mining, but also information Kiosk Perhipers front-end content construction can play the greatest value areas.