SZZT's Banking Service Robot, Hot Topic Of AR

- Sep 07, 2017-

Artificial intelligence and large data have become a bank network transformation on the road around the topic, the two together constitute the future of the bank form, and banking services robot, but also artificial intelligence in the bank application to face the customer's front-end equipment, the future will Will assume more important responsibilities.

SZZT President Zengshengqiang introduced Banking Robot

SZZT President Zengshengqiang introduced Banking Robot.png

SZZT Banking Robot

SZZT Banking Robot.pngSZZT banking robot-Fingerprint scanner

SZZT banking robot-Fingerprint scanner.png

With the banking artificial intelligence topics continue to heat up, August 29, 2017, CCTV Finance Channel "trading hours" column reported the SZZT electronic banking services from the R & D design, technical standards and manufacturing and other aspects, which represents the artificial intelligence products. On the interview day, the "trading hours" column group came to Shenzhen Zhengtong Electronic Industrial Park to gain a better understanding of the development status of domestic artificial intelligence manufacturing. During the visit, Mr. Zeng Shengjiang, President of Zhengtong Electronics, replied reporter's questions on artificial intelligence.

Mr. Zeng Shengjiang told reporters that the independent research and development of the bank service robot --- Xiaotong in the practical application of the specific positioning of the bank, based on artificial intelligence, large data and other technical children to achieve the intelligent voice interaction, self-obstruction, face recognition, Large data marketing, banking and other functions, to provide customers with intelligent, personalized service, enhance customer experience, the real sense of the machine to replace people, help banks to upgrade.

With the market focus on voice interaction, media playback and other entertainment, common banking services, different robots, evidence is more rooted in the bank's real business needs, and the bank's artificial intelligence technology evolution depth of cooperation, which launched the children this Bank services robots, with the bank's existing business systems and emerging intelligent analysis system more fit, the true sense of the realization of the replacement of account managers and tellers for bank customers to bring human, intelligent financial services experience.

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