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SZZT’s Robot Made Its Debut On The Thirteenth Beijing International Finance Exhibition 2017

Aug 28, 2017

July 27, 2017, the Asia-Pacific region's most well-known and influential annual financial event "China International Finance Exhibition" witnessed its grand opening in the Beijing Exhibition Hall, the exhibition is organized by the China Financial Electronics Corporation, brought together a large number of outstanding financial institutions. SZZT Electronics, with its most representative financial technology core products showed stunning debut, and its newly launched robot “Xiaotong” attracted great attention.

Entering into the exhibition hall, the audience immediately became circusee onlookers of the bank robot "Xiaotong”, some talked with him, some proceeded banking service on the robot, and a lot of visitor took photo with Xiaotong together. With cool white machine shell, chubby body and flexible moving route planning, combined with high sense of technology on the LED lights, the robot instantly attracted the attention of all audience. SZZT staff showed the human-machine speech interaction(HMSI), independent intelligent obstacle avoidance / planning, banking  service and a strong cloud management system, and introduced that the height of the robot is designed basing on customer's sitting height, so it can be a good fit for users to handle business, the audience experienced the product performance and advantages through practice, and even fondled it admiringly.

SZZT Robot.jpg