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SZZT Phase II Building Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Dec 19, 2017

Internet Finance Big Data Headquarters - SZZT Industrial Park Phase II


On the morning of December 16, 2017, Zhengtong Electronics Co., Ltd. formally settled in Phase II building of SZZT Industrial Park. For this reason, the ribbon-cutting ceremony and housewarming activities were held uniquely. A number of high-level executives and business representatives and employees witnessed the ribbon-cutting move. SZZT Industrial Park Phase II is an important foundation for the development of the company. This is not only the office building of the functional department of the electronic headquarters, but also the headquarters of the large-scale internet finance data. SZZT Phase II is independently invested and constructed, covering a total area of 2300 square meters, the planned rack size of 3400, has now completed construction of 1500 cabinets, with 500G network bandwidth.

SZZT Phase II building ribbon-cutting ceremony.jpg
SZZT Phase II building ribbon-cutting ceremony

Computer room rating

Constructed according to the national Tier 4 standard;

Create a five-star data center.


Geographic location




Computer room load bearing of 10KN / m2.

Phase II Building of SZZT Industrial Park.jpg

Phase II Building of SZZT Industrial Park


Shockproof level

Class B national standard, seismic fortification intensity of 8.


Number of cabinets

Planning scale of 3400 cabinets;

1500 cabinets have been completed in Phase I;

1900 cabinets are under construction in Phase II.

Computer room and cabinets.jpg

Computer room and cabinets

UPS system

International famous branded UPS;

Overall 2N redundant architecture;

Guarantee 99.99% continuous power supply.


UPS battery pack.jpg

UPS battery pack


AC system

Interline precision air conditioning N + 2 redundancy, closed cold passage;

Centrifugal chiller, 3 + 1 redundancy setting

15 minutes running time of emergency cool charge capacity at full load.

Cooling tower.jpg

Cooling tower


Surveillance system

With security, access control and 360 ° all-around video surveillance;

7 * 24-hour computer room dedicated security guard and patrolling;

Surveillance video records for more than 3 months.

ECC Monitoring Hall.jpg

ECC Monitoring Hall

Power distribution system

Two-way electric supply, with complete 2N redundant configuration;

Two power supply at the same time, mutual backup;

High-voltage switching room.jpg

High-voltage switching room

Power generation system

N + 1 redundant architecture;

With underground fuel reservoir;

Sustainable power supply of 55 hours.

Diesel generator.jpg

Diesel generator

Fire fighting system

Fire residual current detection;

Very early smoke alarm;

FM200 gas automatic fire extinguishing.

Fire gas room.jpg

Fire gas room


IDC cloud computing exhibition hall

SZZT cloud exhibition hall located at 8F is now open to visitors.

SZZT cloud data center and cloud computing solutions can be fully shown at the site.

SZZT cloud headquarters data center exhibition hall.jpg

SZZT cloud headquarters data center exhibition hall

Shenzhen Guangming Data Center is positioned as a high-end financial electronics and Internet data center. With the capacity of SZZT Cloud Computing, customized cloud service solutions are provided to customers in industries such as finance, telecommunications, government, electricity, education and e-commerce to help customers create a brighter future.