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SZZT Backed From TRUSTECH Exhibition

Dec 11, 2017

The second TRUSTECH exhibition had a grand opening on November 28, 2017 at Palais des Festivals, Cannes on the French Riviera, and successfully ended on November 30. During the 3-day exhibition, SZZT showed a variety of financial payment products: ZT2312, a new generation of wall-mounted self-service payment terminal, Smart POS KS8223 with innovative and upgraded core technologies, and ZT8609-a retail desktop POS terminal, which have been widely acclaimed.



After constant adjustment and upgrading, TRUSTECH exhibition has now developed into the most influential exhibition focused on cutting-edge industries such as mobile payment, smart identification and financial security and financial technology. Its purpose is to enable exhibitors to further understand the international market trends through a series of three-day lectures, interviews and high-end seminars so as to create a specialized platform for product display and effectively promote communication and collaboration among enterprises.

In the booth design, SZZT covers a booth area of 37.4 square meters, and it is a triangular shape. The entire booth is divided into three functional areas, to display smart POS, EPP password keyboards and self-service terminals respectively. With dark blue and orange based tone of the company LOGO, the design follows open, practical and scenarized booth effect, highlights are exhibits. For the main visual design, the graphic design of the wall reflects the product functions and solutions through the "aggregation payment" and "smart banking circle".

the expert of financial secure payment.jpg

In order to showcase some new product highlights for customers around the world at the show, in addition to the basic version of the smart POS - KS8223, SZZT research and development team has developed a system with face recognition module, iris recognition module, fingerprint recognition module, license plate recognition module, tax processing module and a series of customized, differentiated, upgraded version of KS8223 products to meet different customer needs.

Smart POS KS8223.jpg

Retail POS - ZT8609 is also a highlight product of this exhibition, ZT8609 is a business handling terminal with convenient operation, supports a variety of connections, and multi-channel access. Based on BT, mobile networks, wired connections, WIFI and other technologies, the form of desktop cashier receipt business, also supports a variety of communication methods to ensure convenient users access. Its powerful processing capabilities and rich peripheral interfaces can better meet customer needs of various applications.


ZT2312 is a new generation of self-service payment terminal independently developed for overseas market and developed based on the concept of intelligent, manageable, easy to maintain and high performance-price ratio. The product can easily achieve account inquiries, money transfer, bill payment, mobile wallet/transportation card top-up and other self-service. Its excellent cost-effective makes it the best choice for extension of bank outlets and enhancing competitiveness.


The exhibition also attracted our overseas long-term partners from Russia, India, the United States and the Middle East. Joined hands together, we jointly promoted “SZZT Intelligent Creation”. This exhibition provides a good cooperation platform for further exploring the international market, broadening business channels and enhancing the brand's international influence. SZZT team members communicated with exhibitors and customers, sharing industry information and product information, so that more overseas customers learn more about our products, but also established a direct and effective communication channels between customers.

SZZT Staff and products with overseas cuctomers.jpg