Sudan Banking Delegation's Visit To SZZT

- Jul 31, 2018-

On the morning of July 25, 2018, SZZT welcomed the Sudan Banking Delegation. 


The delegation's visit was mainly to discuss the introduction of the concept and equipment of smart banking outlets jointly created by SZZT and major domestic banks. Since last year, our company has contacted with the customers in this delegation, and in this year's Seamless Dubai, we have had good communication and discussion, and initially reached commercial cooperation. During this visit, SZZT led the delegation to the smart-network station of the cooperative bank for on-site experience and explanation, allowing customers to vividly and thoroughly understand the feasibility and convenience of smart outlets, and let them have a huge impact and inspiration on the implementation of such project in Sudan. In addition, the excellent nature of our secure payment products, advanced technology and complete production line equipment also left a deep impression on the bank delegation, which makes them expressed their expectation to have a longer and better cooperation with SZZT.


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