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Smart POS Terminal Introduce Modular Design

Nov 06, 2017

Whether it is out of the testing and certification requirements, or POS's inherent safety mission, it will only be more professional design for security protection, such as how to prevent the Trojan implantation, how to prevent the card information skipping, how to ensure Touch screen to enter the password is not monitored, etc. These problems will be stopped in the smart POS. However, testing and certification often require a long wait. In order to solve this time problem, POS modular design has emerged. In fact, the modular design technology has been accepted and adopted by many manufacturers in the field of communication and industrial control. The introduction of modular design technology in the smart POS terminal industry has become an urgent problem to be solved by the current smart POS.

At the annual meeting of China UnionPay certified enterprises, UnionPay revealed the work and progress on the modular design of smart POS terminal: ① completed the preparation of the modular POS functional specification and draft safety standards; ② completed the intelligent POS reference design guide based on the modular scheme Prepared draft; ③ completed part of the modular POS system prototype verification. UnionPay strongly advocates the modular design of smart POS, in fact, it also advocates the cooperation of all parties in the industrial chain, so as to jointly promote the industrialization of terminals.

The cloud fulcrum (Shanghai Xingzhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.), the earliest modular scheme put forward in China, has been explored in this respect and successively developed a highly integrated payment core module and an intelligent payment module, and provided a complete set of products and rapid authentication Solution, it is understood that the modular program has been applied to more than 10 models of intelligent payment terminals. Recently, the cloud fulcrum has introduced the Universal Motherboard PCBA cooperation model based on the module, to a certain extent, to ensure that the partners "personalize" at the same time, a substantial increase in the smart POS product cycle. Qi Tie, co-founder of Cloud Fulcrum, also expressed his great expectation that this model will bring different forms of open cooperation to the industry.

In recent years, the smart POS relies on the reputation of being different from the traditional POS payment service. The concept of secondary marketing, membership management, and personalized industry solutions promoted by it possesses not a big splash in the POS market Not a small wind, which smart POS's "personality" is its most proud attributes. Based on this "personality", based on CUP's modular design standardization and smart POS runs counter to it? This may not be much impact, the module design is usually reflected in the hardware, and smart POS personalization program is from the software Departure level. Just as the body and thinking, once the perfect combination of the two, the promotion of smart POS industrial will be irresistible.