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Self-service Terminals By Functional Classification

Jan 14, 2017

1. Self ticket machine: self ticket machine system by micro-computer control, function powerful, set flexible, stability high, has II dimension barcode print/activated, and induction card recognition, and print notes, and bank card recognition, and password keyboard, equipment, touch screen LCD interface can set multilevel menu, can displayed window name and the announcement, content, print content can flexible edit modified, report real-time statistics, can generated various statistics report.

2. The self-check machine: is a query function self-service terminals and other related information.

3. Self-service payment terminals: for payment self-service terminals

4. Self-service printing terminals: self-service terminals used to print, for example we see print train tickets at the station of self-service terminals is one of them.

5. Self-service recharge terminals: used to recharge methods, we often include China Mobile, China Unicom and other communications equipment companies.