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POS Terminal What Are The Advantages And Problems Of Using The SSD?

Oct 11, 2017

First, POS Terminal SSD and HDD What are the advantages and disadvantages?

And other things on both sides, SSD and HDD have their own advantages and disadvantages. At present, the biggest disadvantage of solid-state hard drive is the cost and capacity, and the biggest advantage is performance. In addition, the solid-state hard drive to complete the same operation requires less power, which means that the notebook can extend battery life, the data center can save a lot of electricity. Due to more shock-resistant shock, solid-state hard drive is also more suitable for mobile than HDD equipment. If the capacity is not high demand, solid-state hard drive can even be cheaper than the traditional hard drive. For example, the lowest price of the Internet is basically the use of small-capacity solid-state hard drive. A common SATA hard drive was 80-90MB / s, and KingDisk solid state hard drive average "seek time" is only 0.2 milliseconds, while the traditional hard drive in most of 4 to 15 milliseconds, the gap reached 20 or even 75 times.

Second,POS Terminal the performance of solid-state hard disk RAID 0 What can be achieved within the SSD RAID 0?

The use of multiple solid-state hard drives to build RAID 0 array performance is considerable, but it should be noted that, must ensure that the RAID controller to meet their requirements. Solid-state hard drive in the array mode, the amount of data is quite large, many RAID controller in the design may not have considered such a speed. Solid state hard drive read and write itself is carried out in parallel.

Third,POS Terminal why do we all use MLC particles, SLC is not faster?

Yes, SLC NAND flash faster, but only in face to face when compared to see the obvious difference. Moreover, as long as the large-scale use of parallel read and write mechanism, MLC can also achieve high speed. In such circumstances, SSD manufacturers will certainly pay more attention to cost and capacity issues, MLC low-cost large capacity has become an advantage.

Fourth, POS Terminal solid-state hard drive with traditional hard drive power comparison

In general, power consumption is similar when SSDs and HDDs work at the same high load, or are equally in hibernation. But the solid-state hard drive still has some advantages in power performance, the first SSD does not have a rotating motor inside, so the power consumption in the idle state is significantly lower. Second, SSD goes hibernation or wakes from the dormant state to a shorter, and more frequent, since there is no start-up or descent start-up time. Finally, the solid-state hard drive can do the same job in less time, so it goes into hibernation earlier. These advantages to the solid-state hard drive in the actual use of power than the traditional hard drive.

Five, whether there are different levels of flash memory, why U disk than the same capacity solid-state hard drive much cheaper?

Indeed, flash memory has different quality, corresponding to different costs, just like CPU. U disk generally use a lower level of flash memory, if you use the U disk as a hard disk to use, I think you can immediately feel the performance difference. In addition, the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of flash memory is obvious, high-quality flash memory chips in the entire life cycle of the probability of error is much lower. Although we can use cheap flash to create a cheap mobile hard drive, but the reason is not cheap goods I think we all understand.