POS Terminal Status And Bottlenecks

- Oct 26, 2017-

In addition to the first mention of the POS terminal in the number of growth, its development status also includes: ① industry application integration, through the integration of industry applications in POS to achieve functional expansion; ② personal equipment integration, through POS and smart phones And other personal terminal combination to achieve functional expansion; ③O2O combination, through the integration of O2O O in the application to achieve functional expansion.

However, in the face of increasing consumer demand for payment, POS terminal development has shown a certain bottleneck. The main performance of the software is not flexible enough and data services can not keep up with the development of the Internet age, intelligent POS manufacturers to a certain extent, to improve this situation. Hardware performance in the design of the terminal, the technical specifications of many standards, POS in the strict security requirements, certification projects, such as multi-cycle long and so may become the bottleneck of POS terminal development. Although the intelligent POS manufacturers have a certain understanding of the intelligent terminal operating system, but after all, the lack of POS terminal industry expertise, so the introduction of intelligent POS modular design in the hardware design is very necessary.

In recent years, intelligent POS with the traditional POS is not the same as the payment service and fame, it advocated the second marketing, membership management, personalized industry solutions, and so the concept of its POS market in a burst of little No small wind, which smart POS "personality" is its most proud of the property. Based on this "personality", CUP's modular design standardization and intelligent POS run counter to it? This may not have much impact, the module design is usually reflected in the hardware, and intelligent POS personalized program is from the software Level. Just like the body and thinking, once the perfect integration of the two, intelligent POS industry will be unstoppable.

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