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POS Terminal Intelligent Development Of The Three Major Trends

Oct 26, 2017

According to the central bank payment system to run the overall situation, in recent years, China's POS terminal in the number maintained a rapid growth momentum, 2013-2015 three-year increase in the number reached more than 500 million units. At present, China's POS terminal development has shown three major trends, but also encountered some bottlenecks.

POS terminal development trend

1, intelligent

On the one hand, the most intuitive of intelligent is reflected in the operating system changes. With the use of intelligent operating systems on personal phones and tablets, POS terminal can also use a custom intelligent operating system that supports a flexible operator interface that can be connected to trusted and secure external devices. On the other hand, intelligence is also reflected in the POS will provide a unique identity, and in the security with active risk identification and management capabilities. Finally, the intelligent POS will provide data services that were previously unavailable or insufficient.

2, diversified

With the development of intelligent, POS development is bound to be diversified. First, the acceptance of multiple ways, in addition to magnetic stripe transactions, contact IC card transactions and non-connected transactions, the two-dimensional code and fingerprints and other biometric methods have begun to emerge. According to the mobile payment network to understand, China UnionPay is also preparing the relevant terminal equipment fingerprint program design draft. Followed by cross-industry, cross-terminal development has become a trend. Finally, the diversification of payment scenarios is an intuitive representation of POS's diversified development.

3, openness

With the rapid development of Internet business, payment agencies continue to try to pay online and offline purchase combination, this business model also impact the existing POS terminal market. Part of the scene, the role of POS terminal is being replaced by some online payment tools. In response to this change and challenge, the POS platform will gradually move towards an effort to create resource sharing, making the POS terminal continue to be an important foundation for the payment industry.

It is not difficult to find whether it is a diversified or open change, in fact, are based on the intelligent basis of the POS, the generalization of the POS intelligent trend contains a variety and open.