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Metal Trackball Is A Kind Of Mouse

May 19, 2017

Metal trackball is a mouse, sub-wired and wireless two, the ball and the panels are stainless steel; these products accurately track the traditional positioning of the mouse to enhance the function of the daily function of the mouse is the performance of the mouse.

Metal Trackball is made of stainless steel spheres, equipped with stainless steel panels, so called the plate trackball. Installation methods are mostly embedded installation, there are very few submerged installation. Multi-equipped with the left (middle) right for the auxiliary function, usually the standard USB or PS2 interface, individual industrial customers will choose RS232 serial port. Such a keyboard because of its both the characteristics of the trackball, but also has the characteristics of waterproof and explosion-proof, so more for public places in the self-service equipment or harsh environment, such as control platform.

Metal Trackball It is the biggest advantage is that the use of mechanical mouse as do not like scurrying around, saving space and reduce the user's wrist fatigue.

Metal Trackball mouse works and internal structure is actually similar to the ordinary mouse, but changed the movement of the wheel, the ball seat fixed, directly by hand to track the trackball to control the movement of the mouse arrow. The appearance of the trackball novel, free to put, used to feel pretty good. And even under the impact of the optical mouse, there are still many designers more attention to the precise positioning of the trackball mouse.

Like a mechanical mouse, the Metal Trackball is positioned by reading the direction and speed of the rolling ball. The difference is that the mouse is the base and the ball is started, and the trackball is just the ball rolling on the base, the base relative to the desktop does not move.