Metal Keyboard Selection

- Jul 10, 2017-

In terms of application, the largest market segment of the metal keyboard is telecommunications or data communications, consumer electronics and electronic computers and peripherals, followed by automotive, industrial automation and instrumentation. The third largest market is medical equipment, space military, railway and traffic control, and power supply equipment.

The touch of a metal keyboard

Sentence section A of the metal keyboard how to feel, will be from the key is moderate, whether the press force is evenly, the key cap is loose or shaky and the key path is appropriate to test.

The appearance of the metal

The appearance includes the color and shape of the metal keyboard, the A stylish keyboards will tim a lot of your desktop, while the A-style keyboards will make your work more boring.

The work of the metal keyboard

The cost of a metal keyboard is low, but it doesn't mean you can handle it carelessly. Good metal keyboard surface and angular treatment delicate and delicate, the key cap letters and symbols are usually laser engraved, touch up the feeling of the bump, buy the time to carefully check the key on the printed handwriting is engraved, not the kind of direct printing ink, because the metal keyboard of the handwriting, you will not be used for long, would fall off.

The noise of the metal keyboard

It is believed that all users hate the noise of tapping the metal keyboard, especially those who are still working, playing and surfing the internet, so a good keyboards must make sure that they produce only a small noise at high speed and do not affect others ' rest.


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