Metal Keyboard In The New Field Of Product Applications

- Sep 25, 2017-

Metal keyboard is made of high quality imported stainless steel stamping and its waterproof, dustproof, riot, rust-proof characteristics, practical and durable, is now a lot of areas selected as the carrier of information. Should the market demand, I now Secretary is developing a new product to adapt to the agricultural market. Expect electronic products can be widely used in more areas! We wholeheartedly for the majority of customer service!

Metal keyboard more and more people are used, then why can we get everyone's favorite? This is because it has a unique feature, the following we come together to understand the characteristics of the next metal keyboard.

1, the standard PC keyboard layout, 71 function keys, with PC keyboard all the features, the top row with Fn combination of function keys;

2, the keyboard work more fine, silicone carbon particle contact switch technology, 2.0MM long button stroke, feel very comfortable;

3, the right side with a full waterproof laser trackball, no metal bearings, the operation is very smooth, will not produce any noise;

4, can be customized custom control circuit modules and any language of any key surface to meet the different countries and a variety of custom requirements;

5, the key surface fine drawing, the characters using laser engraving, high-strength wear-resistant ink coloring, easy to wear and fall off, durable;

6, the keyboard interface has PS2, USB these two, using the host system comes with the drive, to achieve the plug and play effect;

7, desktop use or embedded fixed installation type can generally be selected;

The above is the introduction of the characteristics of the metal keyboard.

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