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Metal Keyboard Function Is Durable

Sep 25, 2017

Metal keyboard function:

Stainless steel standard PC large keyboard, the use of high-quality stainless steel manufacturing panels and buttons, silicone special waterproof treatment, IP65 waterproof and dustproof anti-riot damage, even in harsh environments, can normal operation.

Metal keyboard features:

1, the standard PC keyboard layout, 64 main buttons, with PC keyboard all the features, the top row with Fn combination of function keys;

2, the right side with a full waterproof laser trackball, no metal bearings, the operation is very smooth, without any noise;

3, the keyboard work fine, silica gel carbon contact switch technology, feel comfortable;

4, the key surface of the fine drawing, the characters using laser engraving, high-intensity wear-resistant ink coloring, easy to wear and fall off, durable;

5, can be customized custom control circuit module and any language of any key surface to meet the different countries and a variety of custom requirements;

6, desktop use or embedded fixed installation type optional;

7, P / S2, USB, RS232 three kinds of interface options, the use of host system comes with drive, plug and play.