Introduction To Financial POS Terminals

- Jan 14, 2017-

Financial POS terminals is a multifunctional electronic devices, with payment, preauthorized payments, features such as balance inquiries and transfers, equipment in a bank card, prepaid cards and the merchants and accepting outlets with the card issuing bank, third party payment companies and China UnionPay network computers, payment system, implementation of electronic money transfer payment function.

Company according to market needs independent development of financial POS terminal, and help agricultural financial Terminal and Internet intelligent financial paid Terminal products, design has HD color big screen, and handwriting, and Bluetooth, and wireless and print, module of function; independent design of patent products help agricultural financial Terminal achieved card folding integration, meet has bank card holding card people, and passbook holds people of all needs, special applies Yu habits using passbook of user; Internet intelligent paid Terminal carrying Ann Zhuo operating system, can achieved mainstream II dimension code paid, and Online transfers and other Internet functions, and multiple applications, providing integrated solutions for business management.

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