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Intelligent POS Terminal Introduced Modular Design

Oct 26, 2017

Whether it is for testing and certification requirements, or POS Terminal inherent safety mission, it is necessary for the security design to do more professional, such as how to prevent the Trojan implant, how to prevent the card information side of the record, how to ensure Touch screen input password is not monitored, etc. These problems will be stopped in the POS intelligent road. And through the detection and certification often need a long wait, in order to solve this time on the problem, POS modular design came into being. In fact, modular design technology in the field of communications, industrial control has been accepted and adopted by many manufacturers, intelligent POS terminal industry to introduce modular design technology has become an urgent need to solve the current intelligent POS Terminal.

At the annual meeting of China UnionPay certified enterprises, CUP disclosed the work and progress on the modular design of intelligent POS terminal: ① Completed the preparation of modular POS functional specifications and safety regulations; (2) Completed the intelligent POS reference design guide based on modular scheme The preparation of the first draft; ③ complete part of the modular POS solution prototype system validation. CUP vigorously promote intelligent POS Terminal modular design, in fact, is to promote the industry chain parties to cooperate, so as to jointly promote the end of industrial upgrading.

China's first proposed modular solution of the cloud fulcrum (Shanghai line philosophy Information Technology Co., Ltd.) has been in this area to explore, have developed a highly integrated payment core module and intelligent payment module, and supporting the provision of complete products and fast certification Solution, it is understood that its modular program has been applied to the balance of 10 intelligent payment terminals. Recently, the cloud fulcrum and based on the module launched a common motherboard PCBA cooperation model, to a certain extent, to ensure that partners "personalized" at the same time, a substantial increase in the intelligent POS Terminal product cycle. Cloud fulcrum co-founder Qi Tie also said that this model is very much hope that the industry can bring a different form of open cooperation.