Intelligent Network Solutions

- Nov 17, 2017-


Solution Overview

SZZT intelligent network solution is a comprehensive plan to help banking networks transform and upgrade in mobile Internet and IOT era. It combines financial service terminal, TSP and WeChat official account, so the cumbersome process of traditional transaction service can be migrated to our kiosk terminals. Services are highly integrated to enhance competitiveness of individual branch while budget is under control.


Bank Benefit

  • It make business processes realize human-computer interaction to improve customers’ financial service experience. Those business processes include online account application, electronic contracting and money transfer.

  • It reduces operational cost of network while at the same time enhances operational efficiency by deploying different types of terminals.

  • It helps network transform from transaction settlement center to sales & service center. Bank staff can offer better business service which needs further communication and services involved in the security of accounts.

  • It provides terminal operation and maintenance platform, solving the terminal’s after-service management difficulties.

  • The popularization and application of self-service terminal, WeChat service number and APPs enhance the brand image of network in many ways.

Kiosk One-Stop Service



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