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Industry News Metal Keyboard Will Be Marketed

Sep 25, 2017

In the contemporary, the most commonly used input device than the keyboard, the first applied to the computer and a variety of terminal equipment. With the diversity of market demand, all walks of life on the keyboard performance and requirements are also rising, with the development of industry applications, encryption keyboard, metal keyboard, riot keyboard and so on in the market applications. In particular, in recent years, the field of industrial and public services market opened, the keyboard industry ushered in the development of small warm spring, and metal keyboard as a high-performance embedded devices, can be applied to different environments, gradually recognized by the industry , Become the new darling of the keyboard market

The metal keyboard works the same way as an ordinary keyboard, and the internal structure is similar. The difference is that the metal keyboard because of its special metal material, has a solid appearance, you can achieve riot, dust, water and other general keyboard does not have the function. At present, widely used in bank ATM machines, self-service terminals and other outdoor self-help equipment. In recent years, financial services and public service market opened, but also led the development of the keyboard industry, new markets.

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