How To Use A Handheld POS Machine?

- Jan 14, 2017-

1. the machine gently, not collision, beat, to protect the internal parts, to prevent accidental fall, strongly recommended that wrist sling at the wrist;

2. LCD touch screen do not contact pressure, strokes, so as not to damage the LCD;

3. the buttons are designed to be very lightweight, without pressing too hard;

4. ensure the paper warehouse has been in the paper, let alone print from a paper out, paper, pay attention to press paper cartridge cover not violence, so as to avoid damage to the printer parts, if you find when printing paper jam, open cover replace paper, available alcohol cleaning as necessary, but not to touch the thermal printer;

5. battery normal operating time is approximately 8-15 hours, depending on the intensity of use, so please check the battery capacity before you are ready to go out to work.

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