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How To Clean And Maintain Self Service Kiosk?

Jun 16, 2017

Stainless steel kiosks in the course of the inevitable use of dust, scratches, rust, grease and paste the small ad after leaving the residual adhesive, remove these stains do self service kiosk maintenance will undoubtedly increase the service life of self service kiosk , Does not affect the aesthetic effect of self service kiosk. Cleaning and maintenance have a certain way, 100 million Branch traffic is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel self service kiosk, and below to share with you how to clean and maintain stainless steel self service kiosk?

First, the dust: the location of the toll booths usually have dust, dust in the air continue to fall on the surface of the kiosk. Security kiosks, self service kiosk, community kiosks, police self service kiosk a number of self service kiosk with the placement of the outdoors, it is easy to be dust pollution.

Cleaning and maintenance methods: We can use water or alkaline solution to remove the dust on the surface of the kiosk. However, there is adhesion of the dust need to use high-pressure water or steam to clean up. Self service kiosk are a safe form of protection and are expensive and costly.

Second, the rust: the humid areas of the air, stainless steel kiosks will be rusty. Charges kiosks sometimes see rust on stainless steel products or equipment during or before production, indicating that the surface is heavily polluted.

Cleaning and maintenance methods: the equipment must be put into use before the rust removed, thoroughly cleaned the surface should be tested by iron or water test test.

Third, scratches: In order to prevent the process of lubricant or product, dirt accumulation, must be stainless steel kiosks scratches and other rough surface mechanical cleaning.

Cleaning and maintenance methods: we can add grinding or manual grinding technology to solve Oh

Fourth, oil and grease: oil, grease, salted can become a source of corrosion, these substances can play a barrier role, they will affect the chemical and electrochemical cleaning effect, which must be completely cleared away. There is a simple water cut test to detect organic contaminants. During the test, the water is poured from the top of the vertical surface and the water will separate from the surroundings of the organic matter during the downward flow.

Cleaning and maintenance methods: Flux and or acid chemical cleaning agent can remove oil traces and grease, of course, regular manual cleaning for self service kiosk life and maintenance is also quite important Oh.

5, residual adhesive: tear off the self service kiosk surface tape and protective paper, the adhesive always have a part of the residual stainless steel surface.

Cleaning and maintenance methods: 1, when the adhesive agent has not hardened before, we can use organic flux to remove. 2, when the adhesive agent used for a long time, it will form a hardening adhesive, the formation of crevice corrosion corrosion source. In this case, we need to use fine abrasive for mechanical cleaning, which may consume a lot of manpower and resources.