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Hitachi—One Of Global Partners Of SZZT

Aug 27, 2020

Hitachi came to China in the 1960s and became one of the few foreign companies that entered the Chinese market early. Over the years, Hitachi has actively explored the Chinese market and introduced a large number of advanced technologies and products. With the support of the government, Hitachi's investments in various parts of China have made considerable progress.


After decades of hard work, Hitachi and China have established a deep and solid cooperative relationship, laying a good foundation for future development of new businesses. So far, Hitachi has carried out related work in many business fields in China. In order to better strengthen the development of the business in the future, in October 2004, Hitachi formulated and proposed a new business strategy "The Most Trusted Partner in China" (trusted partner in China).


SZZT has been cooperating with Hitachi for 15 years since 2005. During the 15 years, SZZT has been providing high-quality goods and services to Hitachi. Through the efforts of both sides, the business of both sides has achieved good development.

In the future, SZZT will continue to serve as a high-quality supplier of Hitachi,  carry out reform and innovation, improve product quality and service level constantly,further deepen the cooperation with Hitachi.And promote the cooperation between the two sides into a new stage.



The ZT598H Metal Encrypted PIN pad of ATM machines SZZT customized for Hitachi.


The SZZT PCI EPP ZT598 series are the smart choice for companies looking for the most advances Encrypted PIN pad security that can take the beating of everyday use. The EPP ZT598 series are designed specifically to meet the security needs for processing payments in self-service/ATM market. Multiple connectivity and integration options make the EPP ZT598 series the right OEM choice for manufacturers and integrator of kiosks, unattended payment devices and ATM looking for a secure input option.

The all EPP ZT598 series features with Braille equipped, supports Remote Key loading from SZZT, giving customers an open-standard, flexible on-line key loading solution that is more secure and cost-effective than traditional dual-control split knowledge key installation and maintenance.