Global Mobile Payment Market Will Reach 780 Billion U.S. Dollars In 2017

- Dec 27, 2017-

According to a study released by Topology Research Institute, smart phone makers continued to build their own payment ecosystem in 2016, and various types of payment methods were also booming. This pushed up the global mobile payment business opportunities, the agency estimates the global mobile payment market in 2017 will reach 780 billion US dollars, an annual growth rate of up to 25.8%.

At the same time Topology estimated that in 2017 smart phones will be equipped with fingerprint recognition as standard, fingerprint recognition function of mobile phones will carry more than 50%; In addition, iris recognition is becoming a technology that mobile phone manufacturers begin to invest in due to its higher security At present, Samsung has been equipped with iris recognition function on the Galaxy Note 7 model, and Apple is also working on the technology of iris recognition and will be put on the iPhone as soon as 2018.

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