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Gallery Kiosk

Aug 21, 2017

Gallery Kiosk

Kiosks are increasingly being seen in public places and are increasingly preferred.

According to the Networld Alliance survey in the United States surveying consumers using self-service means, there are 3 choices of "sometimes, usually, or always" questions. Apparently 47 percent of respondents chose "usually or always". The trend is fast rising.

What is Kiosk?

Understanding the most basic, Kiosk is a computer device with LCD screen that has a touchscreen and sound system. Everything is combined and put in a fused cabinet, and is designed with an appeal.

The cabinet can be called kiosk, pedestal, enclosure. The layman calls it just a box or casing only.

In higher specifications, this cabinet can be equipped with various other equipment such as printer, webcam, card reader, biometric, ups and so on, depending on the need.

Who Owns the kiosk, and who uses it?

Kiosk is provided to support the business needs of a company in any industry. If the company feels the need for faster customer service upgrades, available 24 hours, with minimal land use (low rent), the kiosk solution is most appropriate.

Such a service system is called Self Service System (self-service system), where the system is built in such a way that can be operated by its own customers, without guided by the officer.

The user of the kiosk is the wider community and the customer of the agency concerned.

Why is it needed?

Nowadays the business competition is getting harder, the Company must continue to innovate and improve the better service to the society and the customers and at the same time must remain competitive to reduce cost, and eliminate human error in the field.

Where is it laid?

Kiosk can be placed in office lobby, hotel lobby, hospital, in crowded place like airport, mall, exhibition arena, and so on.

How to use?

You must provide interactive software that will be run on kiosk. If you do not have one yet, we can create one.

When is it Needed?

Kiosk is one form of effective and efficient public service facilities, because this tool can always be updated content, and ready to operate 24 hours.

Currently the trend of kiosk usage in Indonesia is increasing along with the booming smart phone which is all equipped with touchscreen.

Cascade Kiosk

Casing is an important part of kiosk, its shape is now diverse. In principle, there are three configurations, which are upright, desktop, or wall-mounted. This configuration is very influential on the function and appearance of your kiosk. If your business operations are spinning fast and with a large number of subscribers, upright kiosks might be the best solution. If the operation requires long-term transactional activity, or requires customers to sit, the desktop version kiosk becomes the choice. If you have limited floor space and / or no direct interaction required, a kiosk with wall mount is better suited.

Sometimes an industry needs three configurations of this kiosk case. A restaurant, for example, can utilize a wall-mounted kiosk as its menu presentation, desktop kiosk on the desk for self-service and stand-by kiosks for payment. SZZT's system can manage different kiosk network configurations within a single management system.

Hardware and other Accessories

Here is the kiosk hardware configuration you need to consider:

Kiosk Interface: Will it use a keyboard, touch screen, or pushbutton button?

Printing / Vending: This includes printed receipts, photos, merchandises, etc.

Financial Transactions: Debit transactions / credit card machines, cash, gift cards, etc.

Audio Speaker: Does kiosk need speakers? What sound quality do you need?

Durability Casing: Does the kiosk have to be waterproof? Impact resistance?

Internet connectivity: Ethernet, wireless router, or not?

Optional Upgrade: Do you want a screen with a higher resolution?

Software Packages for Digital Kiosk

At SZZT, we can provide kiosk software. Our applications are flexible for various functions and ways of serving. When you buy our kiosk, of course we recommend a package with the software. However, our kiosk software can also run on other manufacturers' kiosk units. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.SZZT Self-service kiosks.jpg