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For Your Answer POS Terminal Cash Register Host Failure Causes And Solutions Which?

Oct 11, 2017

POS Terminal machine problems: 1, power, the performance of the show.

Analysis of the problem: from the motherboard boot sequence analysis, when the power supply obligations deformed, it will send a "POWERGOOD" signal to the CPU, when the CPU received the signal before the start of the POST initiative, POST important obligation is to detect System, some of the crux of the existence of equipment and whether the abnormal obligations, such as memory and graphics cards and other equipment, if the process of the emergence of problems, the emergence of no performance problems. Spread parts: power, motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics card.

1) POS Terminal the system hardware to minimize, only to save the motherboard and power, through the process jumper ClearCmos, power, if the motherboard speakers can be recovered without memory alarm sound, the memory of the cheat with a rubber Sassafras clean and then plug in the test; Performance, performance processing, such as no performance, alternative memory and then test.

2) POS Terminal According to the previous practice, after the power board motherboard no alarm sound, replace the power with alternative methods, the motherboard detects the location of the disease.

Fault scene: 2, power, you need to expect a period of time after the performance.

Fault analysis: power, the boot time than the deformity of the time to long longer, it is probably the capacitor on the motherboard may be the power of the capacitor caused by leakage caused by variable value, so that charging time lead to lead a longer boot time.

Spread parts: motherboard, power supply

1) Inspect the capacitance on the motherboard with inspection, such as the rise of the capacitor, the leakage of the situation, you need to change the capacitor perhaps the motherboard.

2) Replace the power supply with the replacement method, the motherboard to stop testing.

Fault scene 3, the application process is no longer active restart

Fault analysis: because the capacitance variable, the system is not stable, the virus are probably caused by no reason to restart the initiative.

Spread parts: power supply, motherboard, system

1) first check the power supply, the motherboard capacitor can rise, leakage of the situation, if there is such a situation, first change the capacitor or response parts and then stop testing.

2) with alternative methods, change the power, the motherboard after the stop test.

3) from the new device operating system, do not load any drivers, software, the case of testing. And then gradually install the drive sequence, application software testing.