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Nov 09, 2017



With professional R&D team and rich experience manufacturing experience, SZZT must be your best choice to buy Encrypting PIN Pad for your ATM and Kiosk. SZZT can supply with the most cost-effective and reliable EPPs to integrate into Global ATMs and help ATM manufacturers and suppliers to be most competitive in the ATM field.


SZZT‘s Encryption PIN Pads have passed through the VISA Certification as early as 2005, and SZZT is the first manufacturer in Asia who has the ATM encryption Pin pad authenticated by VISA. In 2006, SZZT became the second in Asia and the fourth Encrypting PIN Pad manufacturer in the world who has passed the PCI Certification.  SZZT is the first in the world for ATM EPP to pass PCI2.x in Jan. 2009 and PCI 3.x in May 2011.


SZZT can provide customized solutions based on customers’ requirements.

According to different types of customers, SZZT will provide the corresponding solutions:

● ATM manufacturer——3DES/RSA /RKL/KIF READY

● System Integrator(Distributor or agent)—3DES/RSA /RKL READY and Program Download Tool

● ATM maintenance and service provider——3DES/RSA /RKL READY and Key Download Tool



The Encrypting PIN Pad of SZZT has been purchased by many large ATM manufacturers both in domestic and abroad. SZZT is obligated and responsible for providing higher secure, reliable EPP and service to its customers and distributors.



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