Encrypted Keyboard Improves Security

- Jan 20, 2017-

Since reform and opening up, China's economic growth must continue this journey, has grown rapidly, becoming one of the fastest-growing State. As an important part of China's economic system of banking, is the basis of China's investment and financing system, and is a significant source of funding for economic development.

Encrypted keyboard were implanted within high security encryption chip, safety is to ensure that the password to online transmitted ciphertext itself can achieve key Office key algorithm, DES, PINBLOCK, MAC and other operational functions. Stored encrypted inside the keyboard encryption key, do not provide the key path, forcibly remove keys and related data is automatically destroyed.

Wealth hard because hard encryption keyboard is necessary, encryption of keyboard exist to improve the safety of the banking system, provides an umbrella for the banking business, protect the interests of the majority of users are not infringed.

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