Differences Between IC Card And Magnetic Stripe Card

- Dec 29, 2017-

Differences between IC card and magnetic stripe card

IC card and magnetic stripe cards are essentially different:

1. IC card can store data in the chip of the card, and most of them can be encrypted, the data is stable, not prone to be copied, with long service life, not easily damaged by external factors, and the fashion appearance.

2. Magnetic stripe card is veteran in the card industry, with the longest application history, and now still has the largest amount of users. It is mostly seen in the bank card, but facing the elimination destiny. Modern intelligent technology development makes magnetic stripe cards be unable to meet the demands, such as safety, quality, external influence

3. If it is used in the general membership management, it does not involve a large amount of money, magnetic stripe card is OK, after all, it is so cheap. Many businesses use magnetic stripe card as membership card, but when used in consumption, systems involving large amounts of money and frequent transactions, it is suggested to choose IC card, it will be a lot of peace of mind, it will not involve transaction amount disputes, and the card cannot be copied by others, causing problem!

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