Development Trend Prediction Of Traditional POS Terminal

- Jul 20, 2017-

The reason of POS "Brush Machine"

The main reasons are two points:

1, the overall reduction of fees and charges to reduce the profitability of the single agency, in the sale of POS terminal compensation at the same time, the expectation of POS terminal "lock machine" to achieve the purpose of bundling special merchants.

2, and other receiving institutions in order to scramble the stock merchants, the use of replacement POS terminal in the form of the recovery of POS terminal, and through the "brush machine" to achieve the use of POS terminal.

II. Problems of traditional POS

1. The need for clearing institutions to assign numbers, keys and other information in order to carry out POS terminal configuration, difficult to synchronize.

2. POS terminal in the configuration of the need to dismantle the packaging box, download the application and parameters, perfusion key, trading testing, playing box, etc., resulting in POS terminal configuration efficiency is not high and increase warehouse management pressure.

3. Affected by the configuration process, plus the POS terminal Logistics distribution and Customer Manager on-site installation training links, the special merchant from the application to accept the need to wait for a long time.

4. POS Terminal maintenance needs to be used again to download and other configuration work, but also may appear due to the number of errors caused by the error of the merchant funds accounted for the phenomenon, resulting in negative impact.

5. In addition, because the need to disassemble the packaging box for terminal configuration, the merchant will consider the repair or old POS terminal, affecting the merchant experience, damaging the image.

Third, the traditional POS development forecast

The problems of traditional POS can be alleviated in a certain degree by strengthening the management and operation efficiency of the process, but cannot solve these problems fundamentally. So what is the future of traditional POS terminal?

Before answering this question, let's look at the development trajectory of POS terminal and compare them with the development of mobile phones:

It can be said that the development of POS terminal and mobile phones are similar, because the mobile phone terminal for individuals, the market has more than the POS terminal, its development speed is faster than the development of POS terminal. Exaggerated said: Pos terminal What the future looks like, look at the phone to know!

However, from the above table can be seen that the POS terminal have not experienced the "number from the phone terminal separation" phase. Mobile phone users who have used "mobile phones" or "PHS" have experienced "brush machine" to replace the number. If the number from the phone terminal separation (SIM card) to promote the rapid development of mobile phones, then once the implementation number (terminal number) from the POS terminal separation-referred to as "machine number Separation", the above mentioned many difficult problems will be solved.

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