Development Of Metal Keyboard Manufacturers

- Jul 10, 2017-

As the most common input device, the keyboard is first used in microcomputers and various terminal devices. With the diversity of market demand, all walks of life on the keyboard performance and requirements are also constantly upgrading, with the development of industry applications, encryption keyboard manufacturers, metal keyboard manufacturers, anti-riot keyboard manufacturers appear in the market applications. In particular, the opening of markets in the industrial sector and in the field of public services in recent years. The metal keyboard as a high-performance embedded equipment, can be applied to different environments, gradually recognized in the industry.

The working principle of a metal keyboard is the same as a normal keyboard. Different is the metal keyboard because of its special stainless steel 304 metal material, has a solid appearance, can achieve riot, dustproof, waterproof and other ordinary keyboards do not have the function. At present, it is widely used in ATM machines and self-service payment terminals. Outdoor self-service equipment such as underground equipment. Led the development of the Metal Keyboard industry new market.

For this we also consulted the relevant metal keyboard manufacturers, Division I is a research and development, production and sales as one of the metal keyboard manufacturers, the company independently developed: PC Metal Keyboard, metal keypad, metal function bar, has been in the major financial, tax, commercial, underground equipment, charging pile and other fields have been widely used.

Metal Keyboard mouse installation requires a few simple steps, you can enjoy the wireless charm

A. Remove the mouse set from the package.

Two. Open the mouse battery cover as shown, and install two AAA rechargeable batteries or two AAA alkaline batteries to close the battery cover.

1. According to the method of figure A, hold the mouse with both hands, use the big mother finger to gently press down, then push back the battery cover, open the battery cover.

2. Install the battery in the figure II to ensure that the positive and negative direction of the battery is correct (please refer to the character in the battery box).

3. Ensure that the two batteries are new batteries, packed with two AAA rechargeable batteries or two AAA alkaline batteries. If the battery is attached, the first use of the product in the package with the USB charge cable connected to the computer and the mouse to recharge the rechargeable battery, charging the wheel around the blue glow, rechargeable batteries after the wheel around a blue light will be destroyed. (The new rechargeable battery must first be recharged and used)

4. The receiver can directly plug the tail of the mouse when estimating a longer time without using a mouse or carrying out a trip.

5. The receiver can automatically eject the receiver by pressing the button on the edge of the wheel after the end of the mouse.

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