Comparison Of The Advantages Of Metal Keyboard And Mechanical Keyboard

- May 19, 2017-

Xiaobian for everyone to find on the metal keyboard and mechanical keyboard of some of the features, to share to everyone

Metal keyboard:

Metal keyboard is another type of keyboard, its working principle and the same as the ordinary keyboard, the internal structure is similar. The difference is that the metal keyboard because of its special metal material, has a solid appearance, you can achieve riot, dust, water and other general keyboard does not have the function. So wide on the environment have special requirements on the input device. Metal keyboard as an embedded device, widely used in the field of financial equipment, communications equipment, military equipment and a series of self-service terminal equipment.


Metal keyboard is characterized by a solid metal material and a series of special technical means, which have the conditions to face harsh environments. And the use of its waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion special properties, it is widely used in many outdoor self-service equipment.

mechanical keyboard:

Mechanical keyboard (English: Mechanical Keyboard), is a type of keyboard, from the structure, the mechanical keyboard of each button has a separate switch to control the closure, this switch is also known as the "axis", according to micro Dynamic switch classification, mechanical keyboard can be divided into tea axis, green axis, white shaft, black axis and red axis. It is because each key is composed of a separate micro-action, so a strong sense of key paragraphs, resulting in a special feel for the game entertainment, so often as a more expensive high-end gaming peripherals. Features:


1, the mechanical keyboard is the most important axis, mechanical keyboard than ordinary film keyboard long life, good mechanical keyboard life of 10 years or even 20 years

2, the mechanical keyboard after a long time, the keys feel little change, while the film can not be achieved

3, the mechanical keyboard of different shaft keys are not the same, the film is a single touch

4, the mechanical keyboard can do more than 6 keys without conflict, part of the mechanical keyboard can be no key to the whole button, and 6 keys or more conflict-free thin film keyboard

5, you can replace the keycap, convenient personality DIY


1, the high price, because the higher cost, most of the market are 400-800 yuan, more than a thousand dollars is not surprising

2, although the keyboard has a long life, but poor water resistance, the use of more need to be careful

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