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Definition And Classification Of Self-service Terminal

Dec 25, 2017

Self-service terminal.

[1] Self-service terminal equipment is generally composed of man-machine interface, operated by the user according to the equipment prompt. Such as bank ATM machines, subway ticket machines are self-service terminal equipment. The invention of the self-service terminal equipment has greatly facilitated people's travel and service. It is one of the great inventions of the 20th century. In addition, in some supermarkets, stores also have self-service terminal equipment, such as coupon inquiry printers, bank queuing machines. Self-service terminal equipment, widely used in banks, subways (high-speed rail) and other places need to line up. [2] A device that intelligently performs various business transactions entirely by itself through a computer display terminal (input and output devices of a computer system).



The self-service terminal device is an electronic information device specially used for storing information and providing all kinds of information inquiry, printing, payment and product sales service functions by forming an interactive environment through multimedia databases such as videos, pictures, texts and music.

Self-service terminal equipment mainly includes: 24-hour integrated self-service reception system and equipment, business hall multimedia information release and self-service inquiry system, business hall new business self-service experience equipment, business hall line management system, window service evaluator, LED display series Electronic equipment and system software have been widely used in telecommunications, finance, government, transportation, medical care, industry and commerce, taxation and other industries [3].



In China's communications industry, manufacturer of self-service terminal equipment includes SZZT, Kai Xinda [4], ATM domestic production companies have GRG Banking, subway self-service terminal equipment manufacturing company in Shenzhen high-tech modern, self-service terminal queuing machine production company Ling Branch Industries. The four companies are self-service R & D enterprises in China, set up earlier, product quality and more reliable business.

Self-service terminal printing units are generally used embedded printers, general EPSON-532, Beiyang, Zhuhai Jiabo GP310K, as the leading printer paper industry enterprises, technology is more mature, strong stability, compatible with each other.

Many people are still not very familiar with the products of self-service terminals, so it is necessary for us to learn. China's self-service terminal portal is the only self-service terminal in China that offers comprehensive information about self-service terminals and helps buyers and sellers Said that it is also the preferred platform for a release, the most timely and comprehensive purchase information, bidding, investment information updates.



Self-service terminal equipment can be divided into two categories: low-end and mid-to-high end according to different functions: low-end products only have simple functions such as inquiry, printing and lining up, while middle- and high-end products possess transactional functions such as payment, card sales and new business [3].

Self-service terminal equipment classification:

Classification of self-service terminal equipment.jpg


Business functions

With a detailed list, billing inquiries, account balance inquiry, new business, information query all kinds of business and other functions. Can also be UnionPay payment, recharge, cash payment, recharge, RFID reader and receipt printing. In addition there are prepaid card printing, cell phone charging station, SIM card opening, wireless voice calls and other new features.

Product Features

To "nature, the city" as the design concept, in line with ergonomics, streamlined industrial design into the modern fashion elements

With galvanized steel as a cabinet, with high safety, environmental protection spraying, to anti-corrosion, dustproof, explosion-proof. Intelligent self-control design, background warning, unattended. System security, stability and security, 7x24 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Universiade business for the terminal

Business functions

Support e-mall product inquiries and sales, business inquiries, for cash, bank card payment multimedia advertising and other functions.

Product Features

Galvanized steel material cabinet, environmentally friendly spray treatment. Intelligent control design, 7x24 hours of uninterrupted operation. With dual screen, able to play multimedia ads.

ZT 2315 Wall Mounted Payment Terminal.jpg