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Bank Self-service Equipment

Dec 26, 2017

Bank Self-service Equipment


Self-service banking generally includes bank self-service equipment such as ATMs, ATMs, CRSs, self-service query machines and self-service payment machines.

What are the features of self-service equipment?

Bank card withdrawals, deposits, account inquiries, historical transaction inquiries, bankbook transaction record meeting, transfer, credit card repayment, change password, self-check terminal payment, IC card self-service recharge and other services provided by the bank.

What are the operation keys of self-service banking and self-service equipment?

1. Accessing the self-service banking area sometimes involves swiping a card (debit or credit card) on an automated door without the need for a password.

2. Please read carefully notice for use before using the self-service equipment, different devices may have different requirements.

3. Before making any transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers and other transactions on self-service devices, please study the limits on the transaction amount (amount limit for per transactionpass, accumulated amount, etc.).
4. If you are not sure password of your bank card or bank account, choose to trade on the counter. In order to prevent someone from fraudulent use of your card, the bank will set a limit on the number of times the password can be entered incorrectly on the self-service device. If the password is incorrect exceeding a specified number of times, your card or account will be temporarily locked and the unlocking requires you to present your valid identity documents.

5. when trading on self-service equipment, be sure to timely collect cash and bank card discharged from the machine cash. To prevent clients leaving the cash and cards, bank will set a time limit on the self-service equipment, fail to take away cash and card within the prescribed time, the device will automatically “swallow” them, you need to contact the bank to solve.

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How to protect yourself when using self-service banking and self-service equipment?

1. Try to avoid access to self-service banking too late, avoid access to secluded self-service banking.

2. When entering the self-service bank, pay attention to observe whether anyone follows you.