Analysis On The Characteristics Of Handheld POS

- Jun 16, 2017-

Handheld pos machine is also called mobile point of sale, mobile POS machines, wireless POS machines, batch POS machines, the application of mobile sales in various industries.

Handheld pos machine features

1, the first high-speed USB communication, the speed is higher than the serial port more than 20 times, the real U disk operation, no drive, plug and play.

2, handheld pos machine perfect function module. Set the book "mobile inventory", "mobile mining", "mobile sales", "mobile return" four blocks of functional modules in one. Summarize all kinds of books and institutions to ISBN data-based management model, make a new business process optimization, and this experience condensed in the software system --- called the crystallization of the management of knowledge.

3, high application adaptability. Support DBF, TXT, EXCEL, MARC a variety of file formats, full support book all book software data.

4, handheld pos machine unique multi-book check solution. Can be flexibly based on the use of customary library to locate the positioning operation.

5, compatible with the old and new ISBN number. Automatic identification of 10-bit, 13-bit ISBN ISBN.

6, massive data storage. Thickness "HK-906" system, the HK-906 data collection device easily accommodates 1 million bibliographic information.

7, large screen display. HK-906 can display 10 * 10 Chinese characters, single-screen field information is rich, remove the screen, scroll and other unnecessary operations.

 Compatible with a variety of standard headset interface with mobile phones, support for iPhone, Andrews and other smart phones. Users do not need to replace the phone, no need to replace the phone card for a wide crowd, the market prospects.


Built-in financial security chip, in line with UnionPay CUP Mobile standard; high security digital password keyboard design.

System, payment, technology, monitoring and other all-round security, you can stay at home, anytime, anywhere to enjoy financial payment services.


Anytime, anywhere use, not limited by the scene, to meet the needs of multi-domain payment.

Keep track of transaction details at any time to facilitate financial management.


Provide open hardware interface and software API, support custom development, to achieve seamless business docking.

Above is the characteristics of handheld pos machine, we can understand what Handheld pos machine specifically for mobile phone platform developed security payment products, smart phones on the easy collection, balance inquiries and other financial functions. Products include credit card equipment and client applications, merchants complete registration activation, the credit card device into the smart terminal (IOS, Android system) audio port, start the client can be traded, in order to achieve mobile phone POS function.

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