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A Multi - Functional Introduction To Kiosk Perhipers

Jun 06, 2017

Kiosk Perhipers placed ATM machines, touch-type self-service terminals, LED display and other high-tech equipment. Related to the basic necessities of life, such as government information, public service information, travel guide information and other types of information inquiries. Direct information Kiosk Perhipers, community Kiosk Perhipers, city Kiosk Perhipers, Kiosk Perhipers manufacturers.

Kiosk features:

First, the public utility platform

Public utility platform is divided into: practical government, urban management services, laid-off workers re-employment.

1. practical business:

Is the image of the government wall, real-time update the government's various types of notice and organs to news, to convey policies and regulations, increase the transparency of government affairs open, so that government information closer to the people's bit by bit life.

2. City management convenience services:

In this block, is the urban management convenience Kiosk Perhipers, which provide video telephony, urban voice intercom tips and video search monitoring.

3. Re-employment of laid-off workers:

In addition to the convenience of people to facilitate the lives of convenience, but also for laid-off workers to provide jobs, which also has a newsstand, canteen and other convenient services to solve the problem of laid-off workers food and clothing.

Second, the convenience of the query platform:

Convenience service query function:

This information Kiosk Perhipers in the construction process of our company and people will be closely related to the life of the public sector, such as hydropower companies, gas companies, a variety of telephone companies, will be set up in this booth convenient payment window, people do not walk thousands of miles Can pay, in addition to including public transport card, cable TV, traffic fines and other costs, as well as bike coin inflatable window, electric car coin self-charging window, car credit card self-help window, how easy people's life How to travel