We Are Celebrating 10th Anniversary Of Public Listing

- Jan 02, 2018-

10th anniversary of SZZT public listing.jpg

10th anniversary of SZZT public listing

Development Course


SZZT Electronics listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange Center on Dec 18th, 2017

SZZT 2010.jpg

2010, construction of SZZT Industrial Park was completed, the Company formally settled in the Park.

SZZT 2013.jpg

2013, SZZT Electronics private issuing of stock was a success, raised fund of RMB 500 million($76,923,077)


2014, SZZT Charity Foundation was set up to help vulnerable groups, and solve staff’s difficulties.


2015, SZZT Electronics stepped in IDC, Cloud Computing and Internet Finance industries by acquisition and capital increment.


2016, SZZT application of private issuing of stocks was approved by SIEVC.


2017, Phase II of SZZT Industrial Park was put in operation and meet with 10th anniversary of SZZT public listing.

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