ZT8305 Unattended Payment Terminal

ZT8305 Unattended Payment Terminal

The self-service payment kit host ZT8305 is a high-security, industrial-grade design with embedded ARM architecture + LINUX operating system. It is suitable for secure payment kits such as self-service ticket vending machines, self-service vending machines and self-service oiling machine. The self-service payment kit includes modules such as a host module, a card reader module, an optical fingerprint, and a scanning code module. This product can be embedded in self-service devices for self-service financial transactions, providing a complete product solution for cash self-service devices upgrade to bank card transaction self-service devices.

product details

The ZT8305 is a high-performance, high-security payment control module customized for the domestic oiling industry in Venezuela. The payment module has the following features:

Environmental adaptability:

The keyboard panel is made of high quality stainless steel.  Dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-drilling (invasion), tamper-proof, anti-leakage, suitable for high-oil contamination, heavy dust and other harsh transportation, kiosk and gas station outdoor environment.

Multiple security protection:

The software and hardware design of the product is strictly designed in accordance with the requirements of the financial payment product security standard. The anti-monitoring, anti-displacement key, program and sensitive data are self-destructed, and the authorization mobile and re-installation mechanism is also configured.

High stability:

With a deep customization of the Linux security operating system, it can work stably for a long time.

Strong scalability:

The ZT8305 has a rich set of peripheral interfaces for later expansion of functions.  Typical such as USB interface, serial port, etc.

Support multiple payment methods:

The ZT8305 fully considers Venezuela's business needs and has the ability to accept various payment media such as magnetic card/IC chip card/NFC/ 2D CODE/fingerprint.  Payment methods including Venezuelan motherland cards and fingerprints are accepted.

Support multiple communication methods

Supports a variety of communication methods including 2G / 3G, WIFI, Ethernet to meet customer communication needs for different scenarios.

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