European Style,customized Layout,IP 65 Protection Encypted Pin Pad with PCI and PED Certification

European style,customized layout,IP 65 protection encypted pin pad with PCI and PED certification

product details

European style, customized layout, IP 65 protection encypted pin pad with PCI and PED certification

1. Features
PCI PED Certification
European Style's design, high quality stainless steel and polymer keypad
Customized layouts
Water-proof, dust-free, vandalism-proof, prevent from tamper drilling, penetration, dismantling, audio monitoring and replacement
Encrypted keys and other sensitive data are self destruction when tamper attack.
Support DES, Triple DES algorithm and 2048 bit RSA algorithm
RS-232 interface and USB 2.0 interface
Support RKL (remote key loading) in CA or digital signature
Connectors for function keys and beeper
Heating film for low temperature environment is available in option

2. Applications
Financial equipments: ATM, ADM, CDM, self-service payment terminal
Public equipments: ticket vending machine, automatic vending machine, self-service petrol terminal

3. Specification

PIN input

10 numeric keys and 6 function keys


encrypted key and self destruction function when tamper attack, water-proof, dust-free, vandalism-proof, prevent from tamper drilling, penetration, dismantling, audio monitoring, replacement

Sensitive data will be kept for more than 5 years when power off.


ISO13491, ISO9564, IBM3624, ANSI X9.8, ANSI X9.9, ANSI X9.19

Encryption process

data encryption and data decryption, MAC and algorithm, PIN encryption

Power supply

DC +5V +/- 10%, max 200mA


DB9-M according to RS232-D up to 115200 baud

Communication interface

USB 2.0 connector, emulate RS-232 port or API drive

External keypad

with connector for 2 bars x 4 function keys


Internal beeper

4. Approvals
ZT596E: PCI 1.x Certification
ZT596F: PCI 2.x Certification/ PCI 3.x Certification

5. Mechanical characteristics

Input keypad

10 numeric keys, 6 function keys

External keypad

with connector for 2 bars of x4 function keys outside

Key lifespan

≧3,000,000 times

Key activation force

2~4 N

Key trip


Encryption process

PIN encryption, MAC algorithm, data encryption and data decryption,remote key download

Sensitive data can be securely kept for more than five years with power off.

6.Environment Adaptability
EPP is watertight when mounted in ATM correctly
Protection level: IP65 static and IP 54 dynamic
Operation temperature range: -10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity range: 30%~90% RH(normal environment)
Storage temperature range: -25℃~+55℃
Relative storage humidity range: 20-95%(non-condensing)
Air pressure: 60-106kPa


7. EPP workshop gallery





8. Company overview
SZZT Electronics CO., Ltd (Stock code: 002197) started in 1993 with registered capital of 66 million USD, grown as the global biggest financial payment and security product base, and provides the most thoughtful financial payment infrastructure services for customers.

The company has established 2 industrial parks in Shenzhen and Changsha, four large-scale IDCs in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Changsha, 5 R&D centers, 22 branch companies and 331 after-sales service dots spread over the country.

SZZT Electronics CO., Ltd owns the patent of encrypt PIN pad, self-service terminal and POS terminal near 200 terms, and develops the password security chip with independent intellectual property, established high leveled automatic manufacturing line of financial terminal and advanced IOT cloud computing platform, offers a variety of differentiated financial payment solutions included terminal, business software, platform operations,ect. Our products spread over 160 countries and area among the world.


9. FAQ
(1)What is EPP?
---- EPP is short of Encrypted PIN Pad,an Encrypting PIN Pad is an apparatus for encrypting an identifier such as a PIN entered on a keypad. These are used in Automated teller machines or self service kiosk to ensure that the unencrypted PIN is not stored or transmitted anywhere in the rest of the system and thus cannot be revealed accidentally or through manipulations of the system.

(2)What is the application of EPP?
---- EPP can be used on all kinds of financial equipment: ATM, ADM, CDM, self-service payment terminal, and public equipment like ticket vending machine, automatic vending machine, self-service petrol Terminal

(3)Do you have complete solutions in other Languages?
---- Yes, our R&D team develops and factory offers many popular languages such as Arabic, Cyrillic (Russian), Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, UK…

(4)What's your warranty?
----1~2 years warranty from the date of delivery, A lifetime technical support.

(5)What kind of support can you provide on software development?
---- We can provide you complete SDK for you to development software, we also have a strong engineers and customer service team to provide you technical support.

Welcome to purchase the european style,customized layout,ip 65 protection encypted pin pad with pci and ped certification with our professional China manufacturers and suppliers, and check the quotation with us. We will offer you the best after-sale service and fast delivery.

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