Financial POS terminal with large display with Android OS ZT8120 is a new generation desktop self-service terminal developed by SZZT based on Android.

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Financial POS terminal with large display with Android OS
ZT8120 is a new generation desktop self-service terminal developed by SZZT based on Android. It supports multiple payment methods, meeting the application needs for self- service equipment of financial, retail, hotel, electricity, gas and other industries.

1. Features
Android platform
9.7 inch, 1024 x 768, TFT LCD
Integrated magnetic stripes, contact/ non-contact IC card reader module;
1D/2D barcode module
Supporting mainstream wireless communication system of 2G/3G/WIFI/BLE
Supporting LAN communication
USB interface, RJ11 serial port, HDMI interface

2. Specification




ARM Cortex A9 Dual core CPU, 1GHz



Operating system



9.7 inch 1024X768 TFT capacitive touch screen


10 physical buttons, 8 touch buttons

IC card reader

in line with PBOC L1&L2 EMV L1&L2 authorization requirements

Magnetic card reader

1/2/3 track, supporting two-way swiping card

Contact-less card reader

in line with QPBOC L1&L2 authorization requirements

Physical interface

RJ45, 2 USB HOST, 1 Mini USB, 1 RJ11 serial port, 1 HDMI


58mm thermal printer, with printing speed of 12 lines/second, roll paper diameter 38mm


Input voltage: AC 110V~240V 50/60Hz,Output voltage:9V 4A


3500 mAh Rechargeable lithium battery


Temperature:0°C -50°C


WCDMA/CDMA2000/LTE/WIFI /BLE (optional)


PBOC L1&L2 certification;
EMVL1&L2 certification;
QPBOCL1&L2 certification;
CCC certification;
CUP terminal products network license;
Telecommunication equipment network license


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4. Company overview
SZZT Electronics CO., Ltd (Stock code: 002197) started in 1993 with registered capital of 66 million USD, grown as the global biggest financial payment and security product base, and provides the most thoughtful financial payment infrastructure services for customers.

The company has established 2 industrial parks in Shenzhen and Changsha, four large-scale IDCs in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Changsha, 5 R&D centers, 22 branch companies and 331 after-sales service dots spread over the country.

SZZT Electronics CO., Ltd owns the patent of encrypt pin pad, self-service terminal and POS terminal near 200 terms, and develops the password security chip with independent intellectual property, established high leveled automatic manufacturing line of financial terminal and advanced IOT cloud computing platform, offers a variety of differentiated financial payment solutions included terminal, business software, platform operations,ect. Our products spread over 160 countries and area among the world.


5. FAQ
(1).What is POS?
POS (point of sale) is a kind of multi-function terminal, install it on merchants accepting credit cards and branch with computer s linked into a network, you can achieve automatic electronic funds transfer, it has the support of consumer, pre-authorization, balance inquiries and transfers and other functions, safe to use, fast and reliable.

(2).What is smart POS?
Smart POS is Android based POS terminal, which is able to develop and install Android application on the POS, to support full payment term and meet the requirement of different types of financial payment.

(3).What is operating system of the smart POS?
Android OS

(4).What is the major component of POS?
Host, Screen, Keyboard, Card Reader, Printer, Communication Module, Power module, etc.
With the development of the market, more and more new kinds of POS appears in the market

(5).Do you supply software for the POS terminal?
We supply POS terminal hardware, and provide you the complete SDK for you to develop your own POS software.

Welcome to purchase the financial pos terminal with large display with android os with our professional China manufacturers and suppliers, and check the quotation with us. We will offer you the best after-sale service and fast delivery.

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