What's hospital self-service kiosk?

- Aug 15, 2017-

Hospital is the largest medical institution, for our life, it is of indispensable significance, but also because of this, because a lot of people queuing delay the best treatment time, and this is the most troublesome thing in the hospital, in this medical kiosks also appeared, then we come to understand what is a medical kiosk:

    Medical kiosk is a product specially tailored for hospitals and other institutions, it can not only effectively solve the long queues in hospitals and other places and other issues, saving patient time to see a doctor. But also fully meet the buffet hospital clinics card issuing, prepaid, registration, payment, and invoice queries, receipt printing and other needs, so that the efficiency of the office and the hospital in the public's mind the impression can be effectively improved.

    Medical kiosk operation is very simple and user-friendly, because it step by step navigation display and accompanied by voice prompts, easy to operate thoroughly. And its strong security, adopted three anti-3des encryption metal keyboard password, the People's Bank Card Center certification, second-generation card reader (Ministry of Public Security Certification), locks ul certification, close Banknote security features ... and so on, can effectively protect your safety.

    In addition, the medical kiosk to effectively implement the self-printing a single laboratory, self-test report printing, print a list of self-hospitalization expenses and other needs, improve health care quality and efficiency fundamentally thoroughly to avoid the repetition of medical information collection, patient long queue wait appears and financial security issues. And the medical kiosk can also provide patients with CUP card transfer services, you can save patients carrying large amounts of cash drawbacks, not only improve the security of patient capital, but also facilitate the management of the hospital.

OEM Hospital Bill payment Custom Kiosks with cash / card payment function ZT2078

OEM Hospital Bill payment Custom Kiosks with cash  card payment function ZT2078.jpg