The benefits of self-service terminals

- Jan 20, 2017-

Self service terminal is to "24-hour self-service" design concept for the system, ease of big Hall of tradition flow problems, to make up for the lack of original hours, worry about avoiding customers Transact Business in the Office, so that customers can feel the relaxing, convenient and caring services, complete self service terminal is an extension of Office services and supplement.

In financial industry user can for account query, and self transfers, and on Bill print, and fill Deng, and self loss business handle; in communications industry user through terminals entered phone number, and can for self handle phone stopped (complex) machine, and calls Bill query print, and payment, and invoice print, and calls displayed, and GPRS, basic business of open stopped handle; also can purchase mobile phone card, password recharge by article.

Adding value through development, can also be achieved through equipment purchases, and other value-added services, and the device saves personnel expenditure, reduce operating costs, the advantages of 24 hours of continuous, error-free operation, can be placed in the telecommunications business, the collection point, stations, wharves, airports, shopping malls and other public places.

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