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The benefits of bill payment kiosks

In the retail industry, competition has forced many business owners to differentiate themselves from their competitors, by offering unique products and services. If not operating in a niche market, companies should then focus on enhancing their customer experience, something that makes them the consumers’ preferred choice, especially if offering a product or service that is already widely available.

It’s all about adding value, and businesses striving to do this often overlook an affordable, low maintenance alternative – the bill payment kiosk. Bill payment kiosk allows customers to pay utility bills including phone, electricity, cable and water bills. They provide a secure, convenient, self-service alternative for users because they are easily accessible and depending on their location, they can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are usually placed at convenience stores, retail outlets and groceries and are a great source of additional revenue for businesses wishing to provide this additional service to their customers.

ZT 2312 wall-mounted touch screen payment kiosk.png

There are many benefits to businesses that provide bill payment services via a kiosk:

There are also benefits to customers:

Bill payment kiosks are definitely an option for businesses wanting to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. The success of operating a bill payment kiosk may also open up the possibility of providing additional services such as payday loans, check deposits, prepaid cards or even checkout services. All it takes is partnering with the right institution to provide the ultimate in convenience for customers.


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Oct 11, 2017