- Nov 08, 2017-

Unparalleled Engineering Expertise for Custom Kiosk Solutions

Executing sophisticated self-service concepts is KIOSK’s undisputed industry "sweet spot." In fact, the more complex the design, the quicker the market turns to KIOSK’s niche custom engineering experience.

Our proprietary ISO14001:2008 certified design process has been fine-tuned by literally thousands of custom deployments – representing over half of the 200,000 KIOSK solutions in the field.

Leveraging KIOSK's design process expertise ensures clients of program simplicity and rapid first-pass design success, without sacrificing on creativity. From small standard model component tweaks, to the most sophisticated self-service component integration – SZZT KIOSK will cut the cleanest path to overall program success.

ZT 2312 wall-mounted payment kiosk.png

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